Kids Moments Pencil Art with just a touch of color

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pencil drawing of a little girl with red shoes, created by artist Linda Foote

These photographic pencil paintings are rendered on acid free heavy paper. When the required photo(s), in either a JPG file or photo(s) is received, a price will be quoted. The actual drawing begins once the deposit is received.

It generally takes roughly 3 - 6 weeks to accomplish one complete painting, depending on the complexity. The finished art is then protected with a fixative to keep the graphite and color pencil secure for years to come. It is then sent un-framed, securely packaged and insured.

Granted not all art pieces have color added to them because sometimes just the elegant graphite alone is all that is needed. The choice is yours. Be sure and visit the galleries to see more of these fine examples. Already there are many very special people who own their own personal treasure created by Linda. And you know  what? They keep coming back for more.

Have you ever had a moment when you saw something that you felt you just had to have? Linda Foote, absolutely loves creating some of the most unique realistic art work in graphite pencil with just a touch of color added to something special in the painting.

Linda Foote pencil drawings are personalized  for you  with just a touch of color.

Absolutely nothing compares with owning or giving to that special person in your life a pencil rendering by Linda Foote with just a touch of color. It is so fine a gift and so very affordable.

Pencil drawings personalized for you with just a touch of color